APCOA PARKING took over a management of Warsaw Financial Center


APCOA PARKING took over a management of the multi-storey car park in the building of Warsaw Financial Center

Since August APCOA PARKING took over a management of the multi-storey car park numbering 380 seats in the office property of Warsaw Financial Center, one of the most prestigious high-rise buildings of the capital, located in the Central Business District of Warsaw. APCOA PARKING activities at this facility also include running a car wash.

For many years APCOA PARKING works with major investors, property owners and public institutions throughout the country. It includes prestigious office buildings, shopping malls, airports, hotels, city parks and hospitals.

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New car park at the Shopping Mall VIS and VIS in Radom


Since June APCOA PARKING manages parking at the Mall Vis a Vis in Radom. Parking is equipped with a car parking meter system.

The company APCOA PARKING is the largest operator of car parks in Poland. We manage 44 car parks throughout the country, including 14 within major shopping malls.

Objects, which we manage, are equipped with the most modern equipment of renowned international manufacturers, combined with the experience our company provides services at the highest international level.

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From 1 April 2015 APCOA Parking manages long-term parking at the airport Orange Gdańsk Lech Walesa


From 1 April 2015 APCOA Parking manages long-term parking Pomarańczowy at the Gdańsk Airport of Lech Walesa. Parking has 240 parking spaces and is 600m away from the new Airport Terminal.

APCOA provides a free shuttle to the airport terminal. Parking Pomarańczowy provides customers with high quality parking: it is fenced, lighted, paved with cobbles and equipped with video surveillance.

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APCOA Parking takes over the management of parking lots, at SOLARIS CENTER Opole


APCOA Parking from 1 April 2015 took over the management of multi-level parking facility at the Mall CENTER SOLARIS in Opole. A four-storey car park has 390 parking spaces and is equipped with parking system's DESIGNA.

In addition to the provision of management services, APCOA PARKING also provides parking tickets and is responsible for technical maintenance and repairment of the parking system by APCOA service team.

Solaris Center is a modern shopping and entertainment center and located in the center of Opole, Copernicus Square with approximately 18 500 m2 of retail space where  90 shops, cafes, restaurants and services are located. 

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All our car parks remain open for our customers! Contactless access and automated electronic payments are granted in most of our locations through our free app APCOA FLOW – no need to pull a ticket or to pay cash at the payment machine.