APCOA’s statement following decision by Polish competition authority

On 20 April 2023, the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) issued its decision regarding APCOA. The decision is not yet final and we have appealed against it, taking the case to court. The fine imposed by the decision is not  enforceable.

The Polish competition watchdog launched its proceeding in October 2021, conducting a probe into several aspects of our operations. UOKiK decided against bringing any allegations regarding the way APCOA car parks are organised and how they operate, including with regard to any extra charges, signage or how individual consumer concerns are resolved. Importantly, UOKiK’s President admitted in the reasons for the decision that the practices it impugns were not deliberate. We also believe that those practices have not led to consumer harm.

In our business, we are committed to integrity in our relationships with clients and we strive to improve the high standards of our operations.
Warsaw, 2023-04-21


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APCOA Parking stand for more than 40 years of growth in Europe. Starting with activities in Germany and Austria in 1970 APCOA Parking right away had a successful lift-off.

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APCOA Parking Polska is the biggest Polish company conducting it’s activity in parking industry.

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