The APCOA Flow app is already operating on more than 600 APCOA parking lots in Germany, has recently been implemented in Italy and will be launched in Scandinavia by the end of the year. We are planning a debut in Poland already in 2019. What is extremely important, each APCOA Flow user will be able to use it on each of over 10,000. APCOA parking lots in 13 European countries, including over 300 in Poland.

The freedom to just go

APCOA FLOW is tomorrow’s approach to parking. Because with APCOA FLOW, your customers don’t have to waste any time thinking about parking. All they need to think about is where and when they want to go. APCOA FLOW will become a part of your customer’s lifestyle. After registration, the APCOA FLOW app or website will help them find a parking spot close to their destination. It will help them get into the car park. And it will speed up their exit. No more tickets or cash machines needed.


  • Find a place to park the car
    No matter where the driver is, we’ll find the closest off-street parking space
  • Tell the driver in advance how many parking spaces are available
    No more surprises when travelling to their favourite destination
  • Allow the driver to enter and exit the car park without hassle
    Remote validation with an RFID or ANPR card lets them drive right through to their parking spot and out again.
  • Let the driver pay automatically without a ticket
    Registered customers can just drive out and thecost is automatically charged to their credit card
  • List and manage all their payments
    Customers will always have a complete overviewof all their payments
  • Will provide a list of transactions
    Can work with any type of parking management system from any producer, it may also be used in car parks not under our management and it will provide a separate list of transactions made using the system, including their financial data.

The bigger picture

Our vision

We are a part of the changing world. We want to help redefine mobility and create smart cities, where parking and mobility are not a problem but a pleasant part of urban life. We are dedicated to building a dynamic ecosystem where our services connect our customers, partners, vehicles and car parks with each other.

Let things flow...

APCOA FLOW is a digital service that re-imagines the whole travel proposition. Because travel is no longer just about getting there. It is about getting there in the easiest, most relaxed way possible.

APCOA FLOW will become an essential part of travelling because it minimises the problems of parking and maximises the customer travel experience. The customer loyalty this creates will generate revenue growth.

… And forget the rest

APCOA FLOW is a comprehensive and intelligent parking service that makes travelling more fun by giving the consumer a parking experience they won’t even notice. People will simply go and arrive, not worrying about the hows and wheres.

Provide a convenient mobility experience

APCOA FLOW is a game changer. Because it is not about parking, it is about moving. By expanding our core offer, by tying into the customer’s digital lifestyle in an unobtrusive way, we can build your business.

APCOA FLOW integrates easily into your customer’s digital lifestyle. More than just beautifully convenient, it adds to the customer’s feeling of emotional freedom, of being able just to travel wherever you want without worrying about parking, not about the arriving, not about the stay, not about the leaving. 


  • Creates and strengthens customer relationships
  • Increases parking frequency
  • Generates higher revenue and income
  • Supplies you with valuable customer data

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