CASA starts the construction of P-houses in Frederiksberg


First turn of sod has been taken for the construction of a parking garage and a new public urban space in Frederiksberg. The building is a public private partnership with the municipality.

The time of the residents of Frederiksberg to circulate in the area around Langelands Plads looking for a parking lot will end. At the site, CASA has just begun the excavation of a new, three-story parking garage that seats just over 200 cars.

In order to protect the neighbours as much as possible from noise disturbance, CASA uses a different method for installing the construction rubble. Traditionally, such a project is made by puddling down the ground, a method that is both noisy and that generates vibrations. At Langelands Plads CASA uses the so-called ´diaphragm wall method´. The method is essentially about a wall of reinforced concrete getting slipped into the ground, which reduces both the noise and vibrations.

CASA is a general contractor, while Apcoa will undertake construction operations and maintenance for a total operating period of 25 years. The building will be financed by Frederiksberg Municipality in both the construction and operational phase and is expected to be completed by the start of 2019.

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Apcoa Parking took part in the Shopping Center Forum trade fair, as it does every year. This is the most important meeting of tenants and developers, a unique opportunity to conduct negotiations, exchange experiences, views, opinions, and to sign lease agreements. This year visitors to the APCOA Parking stall included also representatives of Scheidt & Bachmann, the global supplier of solutions for collecting parking charges.

The successful cooperation between the producer of parking management systems and the parking management expert commenced 45 years ago in Germany. APCOA Parking offers its contract partners some innovative solutions: from professional life cycle management, maintenance and modernisation, intelligent investment strategies in order to develop innovative parking products and new locations. The latest Scheidt & Bachmann products were presented at the APCOA Parking stall during the SCF –Enterveo systems. The Forum participants had the opportunity of getting to know the model of an automatic parking payment machine, entry and exit terminals.

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APCOA PARKING was one of the participants of ECONOMIC FORUM in Krynica.


The 27th Economic forum in Krynica Zdrój was held on 5-7 September 2017.

For a dozen years or so, the political, economic and intellectual elites of Central and Eastern Europe have been discussing the future endeavours of the continent. From its very origin, the Forum in Krynica Zdrój has been compared to the World Economic Forum in Davos.

This year, more than 3500 guests discussed the most up-to-date problems of worldwide and national economy, as well as political and social issues.

APCOA Parking was one of the participants of the Economic Forum and the following discussion panels:

“The Future of Automation in Cities” and “Public and Individual Transport”.

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APCOA PARKING has been managing the car park under KAPONIERA roundabout in Poznań


Since July of this year, APCOA PARKING has been managing the two level car park under KAPONIERA roundabout in Poznań.

Customers can take advantage of 240 parking spaces. The car park features POL CHIP car park system.

The car park is maintenance – free and monitored all day.


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How to solve the problem with parking in the city center


Finding a parking space in a city has for some time been a serious problem for motorists. It is also a serious problem for those who manage streets, car parks and private premises often used for parking.

Help is increasingly coming from the professional organisation and administration of parking and from modern technology. Maciej Zawadzki, CEO of APCOA Parking Polska talks about innovations in parking management and parking systems.

APCOA PARKING POLSKA is currently the largest company in Poland operating in the parking sector. What is behind the success of the company?

The company has been in Poland since 1998 and from the beginning it has set new standards and trends in the Polish parking management market. We manage more than 100 parking facilities throughout the country. It is also worth noting that APCOA PARKING POLSKA is part of the APCOA PARKING group. That's more than 8,700 parking projects in Europe, including 1,300,000 parking spaces managed by the APCOA group.

Where in Poland can your services be found?

Mainly in the parking area of shopping centres and office buildings, but not only. Our company also manages car parks in other facilities such as hotels, hospitals and multiplex cinemas. We also manage all car parks at the Poznan Ławica airport, where we offer more than 2,000 parking spaces for short-term and long-term parking and restricted parking in the "Kiss & Fly” area.

It is not only large facilities that use your services?

That’s right. In addition to major projects, such as managing the multi-storey car park in the Warsaw Financial Center and car parks in more than 20 shopping centres in Poland, we have experience in managing private streets and car parks. An example is Leszczyńska Street in Warsaw or the Platinum Towers car park on Grzybowska Street in Warsaw. We also manage the car parks at chain stores and supermarkets. Tesco, Carrefour, Biedronka and Netto in Poland take advantage of our experience throughout Poland. The main objective is to help solve the problem of “wild parking”. With the introduction of a professional parking system, we have more parking spaces. Drivers also appreciate the fact that despite having to pay there are always places to park.

So we can say that proper parking management should be of interest to those who own land in the most crowded places?

The needs of customers in each car park are determined by the immediate surroundings. At supermarkets, customers usually leave their cars for a few minutes, while in residential or working areas they leave them for a few hours. Parking spaces are organised by local authorities, housing associations and resident communities, often as public benefit organisations. The relevant regulations and management of parking on private roads or car parks aim to serve a wide range of users.

We focus on "parking products" that meet the individual needs of different customer groups: people parking incidentally, businesses, residents of estates with parking, visitors, customers of businesses, families, travellers, etc. Therefore, we monitor trends and conduct market research on a regular basis, so as to continually improve our products. Cutting-edge technology, optimised processes and continuous improvements help minimise costs. In this way, APCOA PARKING ensures the profitability of each car park and the full satisfaction of the owner.

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License Plate Recognition Module at car park in WFC in Warsaw


In December 2016 , APCOA PARKING installed a modern and capable License Plate Recognition - LPR module at the multilevel car park in WFC building in Warsaw.

It allows for control of access of subscription clients based on verification by means of a proximity card as well as on the basis of vehicle registration number.

Thanks to technically advanced configuration, the users enjoy such facilities in terms of the use of the system as for example automatic opening of the barrier after recognition of the registration number without the need to use the proximity car, possibility to pay by means of payment card in automatic pay stations (contact and proximity transactions up to PLN 50.00). The system has also been integrated with the system of control of access to the building, thanks to which:

  • The subscription users may use the same access card for parking and for office space,
  • The occasional users (on the basis of one-off tickets) may move within the car park and exit from the car park through the gates in the building hall by means of a one-off ticket of the parking system with a bar code.

The driveway to the car park has obtained a large illuminated information board, inter alia with information on the services available on the car park as well as on the number of available parking spots for occasional clients, guests of the lessees, etc. The new system allows also for implementation of a number of convenient products, such as e.g. parking cheques, validations, congress tickets, pre-paid tickets, etc.

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Car Parks at Ławica Airport have been equipped by APCOA PARKING in a modern LPR system.


From October this year, car parks at  Ławica Airport in Poznań have been equipped by APCOA PARKING in a modern and comprehensive License Plate Recognition System (LPR). Moreover, readers for scanning QR (Quick Response) codes on paper media and smartphone monitors have been installed in entry and exit devices. 

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License Plate Recognition System at car park in Rondo 1


In September of this year, APCOA PARKING installed a modern and capable license plate recognition (LPR) system at the multi-level car park locate in Warsaw’s Rondo 1 building.  

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APCOA PARKING has been managing the car park in FOCUS PARK RYBNIK


Since October of this year, APCOA PARKING has been managing the car park by FOCUS PARK shopping centre in Rybnik.


Customers can take advantage of 320 parking spaces. The car park features the SKIDATA car park system, which is serviced exclusively by APCOA PARKING qualified, in-house technical team.

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Car park at a shopping centre


Every driver knows the importance of a car park. Increasingly more often shopping centre, hotel and office building owners are paying a lot of attention to the choice of car park infrastructure as well as professional car park arrangements and service already at an early stage of the investment process.


Every driver knows the importance of a car park. Increasingly more often shopping centre, hotel and office building owners are paying a lot of attention to the choice of car park infrastructure as well as professional car park arrangements and service already at an early stage of the investment process.

A car park is more than just a space where we can leave our vehicles. It is also a management model, which, together with modern technology improves the car parking and fee collection process, which constitutes a significant item in a shopping centre's revenue structure.

Maciej Zawadzki, President of the Management Board at APCOAPARKING Polska talks about what’s new on the car park system and car park management scenes.

Today, APCOA PARKING is the biggest player on the car park market in Poland as well as Europe.What lies behind the company’s success?

Our company has been present in Europe since 1974, we operate in 12 countries and manage in excess of 8,500 car parks, including almost 400 shopping centre car parks. Our annual revenues exceed 850 million euros. APCOA PARKING has been active in Poland since 1998, setting out standards and development directions on the domestic car park management market. Currently we manage more than 70 car parks. We furnish them with state of the art hardware from renowned international producers, which, combined with the international experience of our team, ensures efficiency and a top quality service. For every car park we manage, we work out a concept for the best traffic setup, hardware and management choices, including an optimal tariff structure, taking onto account both the specifics of the given location and customer expectations. The quality and efficiency of the services we provide are the driving force behind our company's 20 - 30% annual growth recorded in recent years. 

What new locations use your services?

Amongst others, this year we signed a long term management contract for a multi level Warsaw Financial Center car park. This is one of the most prestigious office towers in downtown Warsaw, with 333 car park spaces. At the same time, we also manage car parks in other towers which comprise an ultra-modern office centre in central Warsaw, i.e. by Rondo1, Marriott Hotel, Spektrum Tower and the nearby Atrium International office buildings. This year newcomers to the portfolio of our projects also include further city car parks as well as retail locations across the entire country, at chains such as Tesco, Netto and Biedronka. In total we currently manage car parks at more than 20 retail locations in Poland.

However, APCOA is not only involved with car parks by retail and office locations?

Certainly. Our company also manages car parks by other locations such as hotels, hospitals, airports, city car parks, cinemas, sports and recreational facilities. We devise an individual strategy for each one, which also includes retail opportunities to maximise the profitability of a given car park.

What technical solutions and cutting edge technologies are we looking at across the car parks you manage?

APCOA Group experts regularly analyse the European car park systems market. Every few years we select a few manufacturers who, in our opinion, provide top quality as well as reliable and technologically advanced car park equipment. We currently use systems by Designa, Parkeon and Skidata. Our significant European purchasing power translates into sizeable discounts which, as a rule, we pass onto our customers. We use car park systems based on solutions which employ barriers as well as maintenance free parking meters. Every equipment category is dedicated to a different type of location. The current standard emerging amongst modern technologies are LED systems which indicate free parking spaces to drivers, or the possibility to pay using proximity bank cards at automatic payment machines and parking meters. We are currently working on introducing new, alternative forms of payment which will be even more convenient for drivers. An increasing number of car park owners are looking at car park system digitalisation. Then we reach for vehicle registration plate recognition systems, systems based on QR codes or advanced car park spaces reservation systems.

Thank you for the interview!

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New car parks next to “Galeria Wybickiego” in Kościerzyna and “Galeria Familia” in Gdańsk.


New car parks in Gdańsk.

From April this year, APCOA PARKING has been operating the car park of  “Galeria Wybickiego” Shopping Centre in Kościerzyna and the car park of  “Familia” Shopping Centre in Gdańsk. 

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APCOA PARKING signed a ten year contract for the management of a multi- storey car park at the Warsaw Financial Center in Warsaw.


APCOA PARKING signed a ten year contract for the management of a multi- storey car park at the Warsaw Financial Center in Warsaw.

In March this year APCOA PARKING signed a ten year contract for the management of a 380 spaces, multi-storey car park at the Warsaw Financial Center office complex, one of the most prestigious high risers in the capital, located in Warsaw’s Central Business District. APCOA PARKING will also operate a car wash facility at this venue. In 2016 the car park will undergo a thorough modernisation and will be equipped with a new DESIGNA car parking system. APCOA PARKING has been working with major investors, landlords and public institutions across the width and breadth of the country for years. These include prestigious high risers, shopping malls, airports, hotels, municipal parks and hospitals.

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