APCOA to manage Galeria Nowa Praga car park.


APCOA expands its client portfolio with the addition of Warsaw-based Galeria Nowa Praga.

The facility features 20+ interior design exhibitors, a grocery shop and a leisure and entertainment area. The facility's car park can accommodate up to 650 cars and is open seven days a week. We have installed 13 state-of-the-art pay and display machines at the facility and two tablets for motorists to record their sessions. All visitors can enjoy three hours of free parking if they register their cars, whether using the P&D machines or our APCOA FLOW mobile application. Parkers at Galeria Nowa Praga can also buy season tickets using our online system.

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As of 9 February 2024 our company changed the name


We hereby inform you that as of 9 February 2024 the name of our company has changed from the current one:

APCOA Parking Polska Sp. z o.o. 

APCOA Polska Sp. z o.o. 
We would like to inform you that the change concerns only the name of the company, all other data, including NIP, KRS, bank account numbers, telephone numbers, address of the registered office, remain unchanged. 
At the same time, we would like to mention that in accordance with the applicable provisions of law, a change of the company's name does not result in a change of the entity, which was and still is a party to contracts concluded and obligations incurred so far. The change of the company's name does not result in any modification of the company's obligations or mutual rights and duties under contracts concluded by our company and does not require their annexation.

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APCOA manages Silesia City Center’s car park


APCOA is now managing the car park at Silesia's largest shopping mall,

Katowice-based Silesia City Center, offering motorists a choice of 3,500 parking spots. The facility uses state-of-the-art pay and display machines for motorists to enter their vehicle registration number and record their parking session. This means that drivers no longer need to display their parking permit in the windscreen. Shoppers may use APCOA FLOW mobile app to pay for parking while the centre's tenants and suppliers can rely on our Fleet Management system to manage their assigned parking spaces for the authorised staff by entering vehicle registration numbers.

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APCOA Parking to make the parking experience even more convenient


APCOA Parking is rolling out a new functionality to facilitate parking payments. All that is needed now is for drivers to use a smartphone to scan the car park's QR code and register their stay there.

"We are always striving to expand the services we offer so as to make parking at our sites an even easier process. With the new functionality, drivers no longer need to collect a receipt from a parking meter. They can just use their smartphone to scan the QR code, which is placed across the car park, and type in their vehicle registration number. Once the code is scanned, the customer is connected via the cloud to the APCOA Flow [QR] app and can pay for parking or enjoy their free parking time", says Maciej Zawadzki, CEO at APCOA Parking Polska.

The available payment options include BLIK, Apple Pay, Google Pay, debit card and quick bank account transfers. Once the transaction is completed, drivers receive a confirmation e-mail to their chosen address. 

The APCOA Flow [QR] system makes the parking process easier: drivers no longer need to use parking meters or place their parking receipt in the car window. Effecting a payment only involves a cloud application and a smartphone, so there is no need to install any additional software on the phone.  

APCOA Flow [QR] is APCOA's proprietary product and it is available across thousands of APCOA car parks in Europe, including Poland.  

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APCOA Parking to provide parking service in the Podhale region


APCOA Parking, Europe's leading car park operator, has signed agreements to manage six car parks in the Podhale region. The new sites are strategically located across the region, providing both residents and tourists with convenient and safe places to park their vehicles.

APCOA Parking will be operating car parks in Maków Podhalański, Czarny Dunajec, Jabłonka, Nowy Targ and Rabka-Zdrój. There are parking meters at each site and some locations offer in-store tablets to register parking stay. Drivers at all car parks can also use the APCOA Flow app as a parking solution. 

- “I am glad we can expand our presence in Podhale and provide the highest-quality parking service to the region's residents and guests”, says Maciej Zawadzki, CEO at APCOA Parking Polska. “What sets us apart are innovations that make parking easier and more convenient. Thanks to our proprietary solutions, there is no longer any need for drivers to display their parking permit in the windscreen when parked. All they need to do is use the parking meters, tablets or our APCOA Flow app", he adds.

The sites in question are as follows:
•    Maków Podhalański, ul. Rynek 9
•    Czarny Dunajec, ul. Rynek 15
•    Nowy Targ, Plac Evry 2
•    Rabka-Zdrój, ul. Chopina 16
•    Jabłonka, ul. Kamieniec 6 and Plac Dworcowy 4

Depending on the location, drivers can enjoy free parking from 60 to as many as 180 minutes. The only condition is that they register their stay.

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Strategic Value Partners has entered into an agreement to acquire all of the shares in APCOA Group.


We are pleased to announce that Strategic Value Partners, a US-based investment fund, has entered into an agreement to acquire all of the shares in APCOA Group companies from their current majority shareholder, Centerbridge Partners.

SVP has been APCOA's minority shareholder since 2014. The new owner intends to continue APCOA Group's current growth strategy and operations, with a particular focus on innovative technologies, increasing automation, construction of more EV charging stations and development of Urban Hubs.

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We are bringing further improvements for travellers from the Warsaw-Radom airport!


Together with the bus terminal and the road system there, our car park at the Warsaw-Radom airport offers nearly 800 parking spaces.

A special Kiss&Fly zone is also available, allowing travellers a 10-minute stopover free of charge. From now on, all travellers can also use the APCOA Flow app and our car park pre-booking system.

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APCOA Parking at Expo Real in Munich.


APCOA Parking is taking part in one of Europe’s pre-eminent real estate and investment fairs, Expo Real in Munich. The three-day event will attract close to 1,850 exhibitors showcasing their services for all stages of property projects, from conceptualisation through financing and implementation to operation and use.


While in Munich, we will be showcasing our latest parking solutions and services, including various car park operating models, Europe's most advanced parking application – APCOA Flow, EV charging systems, and computerised solutions to facilitate parking, such as online season ticket sales, pre-booked parking, and Scan & Pay service.

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APCOA Parking at the Shopping Center Forum!


Once again, we partnered with the SCF, a preeminent event for the commercial retail estate sector in Poland. This year's edition brought together more than 1,200 participants and 400 exhibitors.

Indispensably, the event involved trade fairs, conferences and business networking opportunities. The SCF’s leading themes this year were ESG, evolving customer attitudes, and how this affects the shopping mall market.

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With APCOA Parking you can now buy your season tickets online. Easy to use and offering many benefits, the solution allows you to log in to and manage your account. For example, you can add vehicles, including their unique names (such as My Four Wheels) or view your parking sessions.


The online booking panel is integrated with the APCOA FLOW mobile application. The same credentials are used to log in to the site as with your mobile application account. Online season tickets can be purchased using one of the following payment methods: BLIK, Quick Transfer or Payment Card.


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From early August, electric car users can charge their vehicles at the ETHOS car park in Warsaw after APCOA Parking installed a 2 x 22 kW duo charging station wallbox there. To use the charger, all you need to do is download the Elocity mobile app to your phone. The application offers payment and charging station search functionalities.

Similar solutions will appear shortly at other APCOA Parking-operated car parks in Warsaw and Poznań.

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Responsible Business


At APCOA we feel we can and must contribute to making our ecosystem as sustainable as possible.

In 2021 we launched our initiative ‘APCOA Sustainability in Action’, putting a framework around our multiple ESG initiatives. This has now become a real part of our business:towards our employees, towards the drivers that park at our facilities, towards our clients and to all the organisations to which we provide our services.
We work in close proximity to 70% of the population in the 13 countries where we are located and are very aware that the way we operate can impact directly on local communities.
APCOA’s 2021 Sustainability Report outlined our ESG strategy and detailed some of the investments we had made since 2016 to enable us to really make a difference. Sometimes the changes that we make may have a small impact on wider society but make a big difference to local life, and so our ESG plan reflects a combination of large and small-scale initiatives.
Our business is at the centre of mobility and can therefore play an important role in improving our environment.

In this report you will find various examples of initiatives across the group covering each of our ESG components


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APCOA Parking , WOLT and PORT embarking on a fruitful journey collaboration.


Wolt, which specialises in fast last-mile deliveries, has launched a partnership with the start-up Port. Under the pilot programme, Wolt’s Warsaw couriers will have a free-of-charge use of electric bicycles located at APCOA Parking’s car park at the Centrum metro station.

The programme’s primary objective is to promote sustainability while increasing efficiency of order deliveries to customers.
More under this link.

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APCOA’s statement following decision by Polish competition authority


On 20 April 2023, the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) issued its decision regarding APCOA. The decision is not yet final and we have appealed against it, taking the case to court. The fine imposed by the decision is not enforceable

The Polish competition watchdog launched its proceeding in October 2021, conducting a probe into several aspects of our operations. UOKiK decided against bringing any allegations regarding the way APCOA car parks are organised and how they operate, including with regard to any extra charges, signage or how individual consumer concerns are resolved. Importantly, UOKiK’s President admitted in the reasons for the decision that the practices it impugns were not deliberate. We also believe that those practices have not led to consumer harm.

In our business, we are committed to integrity in our relationships with clients and we strive to improve the high standards of our operations.

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Apcoa Parking have reached an important innovation milestone


The Automated Valet Parking (AVP) is the world's first highly automated driverless (SAE Level 4) parking function to be given official approval for commercial use in Germany.

Developed in collaboration with Bosch and Mercedes, APCOA's P6 car park at Stuttgart Airport will be the first in the world to enable the use of the driverless parking system for customers.

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The autumn event brought together around 1,400 participants, including exhibitors, property developers, Forum partners, and representatives of more than 400 retail chain operators and other shopping mall tenants. Like every year, APCOA Parking was there, too.

Traditionally, the SCF 2022 Fall Edition was hosted in Warsaw’s EXPO XXI conference and exhibition centre at Prądzyńskiego Street.

Also featuring area-specific and general discussion panels, the autumn event is more than just two days or trading and networking. The retail market and the challenges it faces were discussed among experts.

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APCOA Parking at the Shopping Center Forum 2021 CEE Exhibition & Conference, 22-23 September, Warsaw.


Like in previous years, this year, too, we attended the autumn edition of SCF. This time the event brought together nearly 1240 participants, including more than 400 businesses.

Two days of fairs and conferences

In addition to its credentials as a business event and trade show, SCF CEE is also a venue for exchange of experiences and expertise on industry-wide trends.

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"We have almost 800 parking lots in Poland. This obliges and allows us to create trends ..."


an interview with Maciej Zawadzki, President of the Management Board of APCOA Parking Polska

[INTERVIEW] M. Zawadzki, Apcoa: In Poland, we have almost 800 car parks. This is both a commitment and an opportunity to set trends.

Katarzyna Łabuz, 23 August 2021, 12:39 pm

Apcoa Group manages 14,000 car park locations across Europe and before the pandemic it generated nearly one billion euros in income annually. For all practical purposes, we are the largest parking operator in each of the 13 European countries we do business in. In Poland, we have almost 800 car parks. This is both a commitment and an opportunity to set trends, says Maciej Zawadzki, Apcoa Parking Managing Director, in an interview with SCF Magazine.  

Apcoa Parking will be exhibiting at the Shopping Center Forum 2021 CEE. Its representatives will be available for contact at stand 120.

How has the pandemic affected your operations?

Similar to shopping mall operators and tenants, who have seen their revenues disappear practically overnight, we, too, have suffered losses because of the pandemic. We were hit hardest in those of our projects where we leased car parks as tenants. We lost all revenues while continuing to pay high rents because we were not caught by the regulatory rent exemptions available to some tenants. It turned out we could not count on any support because we were not a standard commercial tenant.

How, then, did you manage to survive and operate in this difficult time? 

We started talking with mall owners about possible rent reductions or suspensions. These talks were not always easy for us, and they mostly concerned the locations were we leased space as tenants. At the same time, in those projects where we acted as car park managers – meaning that we did not pay rent and received regular income – we reduced our fees to accommodate the needs of our clients, the shopping mall owners. We decided we would partially reduce our services and operating costs and drop our margins to help those clients survive and maintain sound partnerships with them, knowing that business would return once the pandemic is over.

In other words, while expecting support, you were also offering it?

We wanted the relationships with our clients to continue going forward after the pandemic was over, and we wanted those relationships to become stronger based on our partnership attitude. Sadly, a significant part of our income suffered in the process; we just lost it. We operate car parks at dozens of shopping malls across Poland and a significant drop in revenues meant that, for a time, our liquidity was in a precarious position. And what helped us survive were the relationships we had with our partners.

What did this support and relationships involve?

Most clients helped us by reducing or deferring rent payments. These were shopping mall operators but also public entities which agreed to defer our rents to later in the year, until everything went back to normal. That saved our liquidity. The largest retail networks, such as Lidl, Netto, Kaufland, Aldi or Polo Market, were very accommodating as well, paying our fees on time despite the pandemic and lockdowns. Fortunately, their businesses were stable during the pandemic. With such friendly partners on our side, we managed to come out of the lockdown unscathed.

Shopping centres and their car parks operated on a limited basis, but retail networks, including especially discount and convenience shops which you also serve, were doing rather well at the time. 

Netto, Lidl, Kaufland, Polo Market and Aldi – all of these retailers engaged us for new projects on the back of their dynamic expansion. Kaufland and Aldi even terminated their contracts with other operators and gave us exclusivity for all of their car parks, handing over several dozen new locations to us. This was because they were very satisfied with our services and our partnership approach to business.

What makes your services stand out?

That would be, for instance, the quality of our parking equipment or additional charge notices issued at those car parks in commercial locations where there are parking metres. Unfortunately, a lot of operators in Poland which have contracts with retailers offer their services for token amounts and then compensate their low fees by issuing penalty charge notices to shop patrons, or provide old or used parking equipment. This “hunting” for clients to charge them penalties ruins the image of our sector as a whole and draws interests from watchdogs, such as the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection or the Consumer Ombudsman. We do things differently. Our car parks feature the latest-generation pay-and-display machines which accept card payments. Payments there can also be made using our mobile application, APCOA Flow. We are also aware that a penalty charge notice issued to a shop client will scare them away from the establishment. For this reason, our Complaints Units will try to cancel penalty notices issued to customers who have shopped at a store but for some reason did not take their parking ticket. If a client who went shopping to, say, a Lidl or Biedronka store, is issued a penalty notice because they did not take their ticket or did not pay, their notice will always be cancelled if they report this to us afterwards.

In terms of car park arrangements, what’s the biggest challenge to shopping malls and retail networks?

I believe it’s the parking charges. Usually, a client can park for free while shopping at a given mall or store. The problem occurs when parkers contravene that rule. Increasingly, a client at a shopping mall is unable to park because the car park is full, occupied by staff from nearby business offices, people coming to local government offices, hospital patients or residents of nearby housing estates. What will a client who comes to a store for shopping do when they cannot park? They will drive half a kilometre further to a competitor’s store. The retailers have noticed that this is bad for their business and started to adopt their own parking rules. For example, a Lidl store will allow a 90-minute free parking, which is more than enough to do the shopping, but will charge for each additional hour parked. Once adopted, such rules will usually resolve parking problems at large establishments.

You said you offer two business models, one lease-based and the other as a parking manager. What is the difference?

In a management contract, we act as a facility manager and are paid a fee for it by our client. Naturally, some of that fee will go towards paying for labour costs, equipment depreciation, equipment repairs that we usually make ourselves, parking tickets or technical maintenance. Under a lease arrangement, we pay a rent to our client, collecting and recording all income from the car park. Shopping mall car parks generally use the management contract model.

Why do the malls choose the management model?

Generally, shopping mall car parks offer long free-parking times. The mall owners do not want their customers to cut the time spent on premises and want them to stay there as long as possible. As such, a shopping mall will not generate enough income from the car park for us to operate it under lease, paying our own costs in addition to rent. The management model is more practical here.

And what does it involve, specifically?

To put it simply, we install and set up a parking management system – barriers, licence plate recognition cameras and automated pay-and-display machines. Our staff operates the system; we provide consumables, such as parking tickets; we analyse market trends across the car park area and optimise parking tariffs; we  handle cash management processes, including cash transports; we provide in-house equipment maintenance; and we sell season tickets.

Which model is more profitable for Apcoa?

There is no rule here. During the pandemic, management contracts were surely a much better choice for us.  With those contracts, our margins are lower than in leases, but this is compensated by the fact that we are not exposed to market risk – the client pays us a regular monthly fee.  

Apcoa is a multinational firm. What are the current management trends, in Poland and worldwide?

Apcoa Group manages 14,000 car park locations across Europe and before the pandemic it generated nearly one billion euros in income annually. For all practical purposes, we are the largest parking operator in each of the 13 European countries we do business in. In Poland, we have almost 800 car parks. This is both a commitment and an opportunity to set trends. In 2019, the Group launched its own mobile application, called Apcoa Flow. It is available at all our car parks across Europe and at many car parks we are in partnerships with. Indeed, more often than not, car park owners who have not contracted us as managers only want our application. It also works in paid parking zones.

Can you characterise it?

With our mobile application, you can pay at car parks with barriers or pay-and-display machines. In the latter case, a parker inputs their expected parking time within the app (e.g. a free hour at a shopping mall) and does not have to go to the parking machine for a ticket. The solution worked extremely well during the pandemic. Monthly, we would register thousands of new Apcoa Flow users every month.

With a barrier system, once a vehicle is at a barrier arm, the camera there reads its licence plate and automatically raises the bar, starting a parking session. The application notifies the client that their parking has just begun. On exit, the system will again read the licence plate, raise the barrier and terminate the parking session, transferring whatever amount is due from the driver’s credit card and sending the session receipt to the client’s e-mail address. We also use our mobile application to sell season tickets. Moreover, our application can be integrated with our clients’ external IT systems.

How does your application work for shopping malls?

Sadly, the system is not yet as popular in Poland as in other countries. Some shopping malls express an interest, others plan to roll out their own solutions. What can be said, though, is that the pandemic accelerated the rollout decisions for such arrangements.

Each year, Apcoa is present at SCF. What is your offer to shopping malls this year and what partners will you be looking for at SFC?

For us, the Shopping Center Forum is a very important platform to meet our current and prospective clients. Nowadays, seeing as we all never have enough time for meetings, talks or reviews, the events of this kind facilitate business contacts. SCF provides an attractive, interesting format, one in which our existing business relationships can be maintained and in which we can present our new solutions and technologies to a wide audience. Let me recall that a lot of shopping centres that even recently have had no parking problems now see the need for changes in that area. We are seeing a surge in development projects, a lot of new properties are being built, and there are changes in land development following which commercial premises suddenly find themselves surrounded by  office buildings or housing estates. Many shopping malls are looking for solutions to their parking problems, and such solutions can be found here. Our stand this year will exhibit new and interesting parking systems, the best global brands, and mobile solutions to support car park management.

By Katarzyna Łabuz

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APCOA Parking will manage the zone in the city of Tuchola


Anna Klaman, 21 March

Drivers to enjoy free parking in Tuchola’s Wolności square in April but May to see paid parking nearly everywhere

The City Hall in Tuchola selected Apcoa Parking Polska as its contractor to operate the city’s extended paid parking area. The city’s mayor, Tadeusz Kowalski, hopes that the new zone will become operational from May.

Importantly, the city’s collection service will be scrapped as of 31 March, meaning the citizens will have a month or more to park their cars for free in the Wolności Square and along part of Chojnicka Street. The change comes after the city has resolved to stop collecting the fees from April.

- Nothing bad will happen if people can park for free in the Wolności Square for a month or longer, says the city’s mayor, Tadeusz Kowalski. That said, I’d like the larger paid-parking area to go live after the extended May weekend. I am sure everything will work fine, given the successful contractor’s experience as operator.

Where will we pay for parking in Tuchola

Apcoa Parking Polska, the company that came out as a winner, will be managing a paid parking zone covering the following areas:

•             Plac Wolności

•             Sępoleńska

•             Ks. Kreffta, Szkolna

•             Plac Zamkowy

•             Zamkowa

•             Gabrychów

•             Staromiejska

•             Starofarna

•             Rzeźnicka

•             Chojnicka

•             Okrężna

•             Spichlerzna

•             Górna

•             Ks. Wryczy

•             Murowa

•             Tylna

•             Krótka

•             Rycerska

•             Rynkowa

•             Studzienna

•             Podgórna

•             Nowodworskiego

•             Garbary

•             St. Saganowskiego

•             Świecka (until junction with Pocztowa)

•             Dworcowa

•             Pocztowa


Parking rates

Fees will be charged Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. There will be no zone differentiation, with uniform rates to apply across the paid parking area. What rates exactly? We will pay PLN 1 for up to a stay of up to 30 minutes, PLN 2 for the first hour, PL 2.40 for the second hour, and PLN 2.80 for the third hour. The draft resolution also provides for differentiated season ticket rates, with individuals registered as the city’s permanent or temporary residents paying PLN 30 per month, PLN 150 per six months, or PLN 270 per year.

Parking fees will be waived for municipal and technical service vehicles, disability cars, supply vans while unloading their cargo, and taxi drivers while waiting for passengers or collecting fares.

The only free parking spots in Tuchola will remain outside the city’s centre. Finding an unoccupied space in Tuchola is very difficult now, with some leaving their cars parked for an entire day even. Now that money will have to be paid, they will certainly think twice before parking.

The local authority’s plan was to earmark PLN 2,931,000 for the zone until 2025. The winner, Apcoa Parking Polska, offered PLN 2.164.000. Apcoa’s competitor, Grudziądz-based Parking Group¸ offered PLN 3.293.000.

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APCOA URBAN HUBS are Providing the Physical and Digital Service Infrastructure for Sustainable Urban Life

  • APCOA opens its car parks as Urban Hubs to provide the physical and digital infrastructure for strategic partners in mobility, electrification, logistics and on-demand services.
  • With the strategic expansion of its product portfolio, APCOA forms an integrated ecosystem of Smart City and Smart Mobility services and actively contributes to the sustainable transformation of urban areas and the reduction of CO2 emissions
  • APCOA sees substantial revenue potential by opening its more than 1.5 million parking spaces and over 1.9 million sqm available logistics space for urban logistics, mobility, electric charging infrastructure and technology services
  • Real estate owners benefit from embedding their properties in the digital urban ecosystem and gain access to APCOA’s exclusive network of partners
  • APCOA’s strategic partners include Bosch, BVG, Daimler, E.ON, HERE Technologies, Sixt and UFO Drive amongst others


Stuttgart, 16. February 2021 APCOA PARKING (APCOA), Europe’s leading parking space operator, has launched APCOA URBAN HUBS to create an integrated ecosystem for the future-ready and sustainable use of parking spaces. To develop and implement their own business models, strategic partners get access to the physical and digital infrastructure of APCOA. Customers on the other hand, benefit from an expanded range of innovative services and products. Lastly, the asset values of real estate owners are enhanced by higher frequencies due to a wide range of additional use cases based on APCOA’s strong network of strategic partners.


“The digital and on-demand economy, especially in the field of mobility and logistics, needs a physical basis and a smart and flexible infrastructure. With more than 11,000 sites we have created Europe’s largest network of digitally connected car parks. Our hubs combine parking with logistics and technology services, shared mobility platforms and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles – and are already making a major contribution to creating the Smart Cities of the future”, explains Philippe Op de Beeck, CEO of APCOA PARKING Group.


Under the APCOA URBAN HUBS brand, APCOA is extending the functionality of its car parking facilities, integrating them into a dedicated digital ecosystem based on the company’s proprietary digital platform, APCOA FLOW. All car parks are thereby transformed into potential hubs for a broad range of sustainable services. The company’s initial focus is on multi-storey car parks in inner-city areas. These locations offer the greatest potential for improving the efficiency of last-mile logistics, reducing inner-city logistics traffic and, as a result, achieving substantial reductions in CO2 emissions. By increasing the provision of electric charging infrastructure, APCOA URBAN HUBS also actively support the mobility transition to electric mobility. City dwellers and commuters without own parking space or charging station will find a suitable offer in APCOA’s URBAN HUBS. Only with a guaranteed access to this infrastructure the purchase of an electric vehicle becomes appealing.  


“Over the next few years, we want to continuously expand our network of several hundred APCOA URBAN HUBS throughout Europe. For car park owners, our expertise creates value by diversifying cash flows and enabling a sustainable strategy that has a positive impact on the long-term value of their assets. Currently, we are engaged in promising talks with a large number of potential partners. All of them appreciate our high location density and the fact that 230 million consumers are reachable around our properties in European city centres. Consequently, our current and potential partners are keen to take advantage of APCOA’s advanced digital network to enhance their own business models”, explains Op de Beeck. Currently, Bosch, BVG, Daimler, E.ON, HERE Technologies, Sixt and UFO Drive are amongst the strategic partners of APCOA.


The APCOA brand has long been synonymous with the consistent implementation of a comprehensive digital and innovation strategy. In 2018, the company launched APCOA FLOW, its multi-award-winning, scalable platform that provides its partners with integrated, contact-free access to inner-city car parks via individual interfaces. “As a result, we are very well positioned to meet the challenges associated with evolving parking space usage and the requirements of cities and municipalities. It is only by anticipating and actively helping to shape fundamental economic and societal processes that we will be able to successfully adapt to and benefit from these changes”, says Op de Beeck (or country MD).


Urban Hubs is APCOA’s answer to some of the greatest trends of this day and age: the significant growth of online and on-demand commerce, which drives demand for inner-city logistics space, increasing urbanisation and the rise of electric mobility.

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Winner of the "European Parking Award"


THE MOST INNOVATIVE PARKING SOLUTION IN EUROPE The award was given to the APCOA FLOW application with the European Parking Association Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR).

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APCOA Flow now available at Lidl stores


In addition to traditional parking meters, Lidl stores now offer customers a convenient way to pay their parking fees by using APCOA Flow mobile application.

Clients no longer need to be issued a ticket – they can select parking duration in the application and start their session. APCOA Flow will factor in any free parking time available (e.g. one hour) and charge the relevant fee if the stay is longer.

Mobile payments address hygienic concerns, which is particularly important now at the time of pandemic.

Another plus is that customers can extend their parking stay without having to go back to their cars.

APCOA Flow can now be used at more than 700 APCOA car parks in Poland and in 8,000 parking facilities across Europe.

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APCOA Parking operates parking facilities at Warsaw’s ATRIUM PROMENADA Shopping Centre


Clients can choose from the following car parks:

An external metered car park with 837 parking spaces and two general-access, barrier-operated internal cark parks with 822 parking spaces. The single-storey Komfort car park (blue colour) has one car entrance, one exit, and one pay machine; the three-storey (yellow, red and green) free parking facility has two entrances, two exits, and five pay machines. The car parks feature a modern Scheidt & Bachmann parking management system.

ATRIUM PROMENADA is located near the POLSAT television offices.

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APCOA Parking operating the ELEKTROWNIA POWIŚLE car park in Warsaw


The facility uses a SKIDATA system and offers three entrances, three exits and three pay machines.

One entrance is from Leszczyńska Street, and the other two from Zajęcza Street. Clients have 370 parking spaces to choose from.

The Powiśle power plant dates back more than 100 years to 1904 when local authorities announced a tender to build a plant that would power the city of Warsaw. A period of expansion followed, and in 1944 the plant was actively involved in the Warsaw Uprising, maintaining power supply for the fighting city. The plant officially ended electricity production in 2001. In 2020, Elektrownia Powiśle celebrated its NEW OPENING and now lures customers with its numerous elegant stores, exquisite restaurants, beauty hall, food hall or Plonoteka eco market where you can arrange a variety of entertainment or cultural events.

Some nearby locations include the Copernicus Science Centre, Vistula Boulevards, and the famous Mermaid of Warsaw statue.



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APCOA Parking operates the Gdańsk ZOO car park


The facility uses a Park & Control system and features 15 parking metres.

Drivers have 1,650 parking spaces at their disposal and can use our mobile APCOA FLOW application for parking. The facility is located in the vicinity of the Dolina Radości residential area and an observation tower.

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APCOA Parking operating a paid parking zone in Turek


This metered parking zone covers the following streets: Kaliska, Browarna, Szeroka, Kolska, Plac Wojska Polskiego and Plac Henryka Sienkiewicza.

There are 14 parking meters across the zone and clients can also use our APCOA FLOW application for parking.

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Meals for front-line employees and those in need


APCOA Parking has provided financial support to Gdańsk Economic Development Foundation.

As part of the “Posiłek za Wysiłek” programme in which free meals and beverages are prepared and delivered to medical personnel and other City of Gdańsk uniformed services involved in prevention, countering and management efforts in the current COVID-19-related pandemic emergency. Meals are also provided to senior citizens (including in day care centres, nursing homes and senior citizen clubs) and homeless shelters.

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NDI car park in Sopot


APCOA Parking operates NDI car park in Sopot.

Located opposite the Sofitel Grand Sopot hotel, close to the beach and the city’s main street, the popular “Monciak” promenade, the facility uses a state-of-the-art Scheidt & Bachmann parking system and features three pay machines. Clients leaving the facility can also use PayPass cards for payments. The facility offers 209 parking spaces, divided into two sections: an indoor section ‘B’ with 173 spaces and an outdoor section with 36 spaces.

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Car park at the POSEJDON CENTER office complex in Szczecin


Since 6th February, APCOA PARKING has been operating a car park at the POSEJDON CENTER office complex in Szczecin.

This is an unattended, barrier-controlled car park with a Scheidt & Bachmann parking management system.

The facility offers 300 parking spaces, one entrance, one exit, and two pay machines. Card payments are accepted.

Posejdon Center is located in the Nowe Miasto district, 60 Niepodległości Street, at the corner of Kaszubska and Partyzantów Streets, near the Port Gate and Hotel Pomorski.

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APCOA Parking now operates Galeria Dominikańska car park


Since January this year APCOA Parking has been operating a new car park at Galeria Dominikańska Shopping Centre in Wrocław.

Since January this year APCOA Parking has been operating a new car park at Galeria Dominikańska Shopping Centre in Wrocław. The facility is right in the city centre, close to such landmarks as the Wrocław Market Square, the National Musem, Ostrów Tumski (the city’s oldest part) and the Racławice Panorama. While Galeria Dominikańska is a modern shopping facility, it blends very well with the historic fabric of the city of Wrocław. Our car park has three levels (A, B & C), each with 300 parking spaces.  There are two car entrances and exits each on every level. The customer service office is on level 4. Ticket machines accept card payments.

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EXPO REAL, held on 7-9 October in Munich, is now over for another year.

EXPO REAL is among the largest real property and investment trade shows in Europe. More than 2,000 exhibitors turned up to showcase their end-to-end services for real estate projects, from the concept phase through financing and execution to operation and use. With 64 000 m2 of exhibition space, EXPO REAL is an ideal platform to share experiences and establish new business contacts. APCOA Parking also took part in that prestigious event showing its latest parking solutions to customers and business partners.

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APCOA Parking at SHOPPING CENTER FORUM 2019 CEE Exhibition & Conference 25-26.09.2019 WARSAW


For a number of years now, APCOA Parking has been a regular at the autumn’s SCF event. This year we showcased our cutting-edge APCOA FLOW application. In August 2019, Poland joined a group of eight countries where the application is available.

SCF 2019 CEE Exhibition & Conference brought together nearly 1 900 participants, including 6 000 representatives of 500 retail chains, 300 projects, and more than 80 exhibitors.

We demoed the application to our customers and business partners, showing them how to make parking a smart and hassle-free process, one in which drivers’ involvement is reduced to a minimum, making their journey more comfortable.  

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APCOA FLOW will soon become a platform integrating multiple parking and mobility functions as part of the so-called smart city solutions – says Maciej Zawadzki, President of APCOA Parking Polska.

In August, Poland has joined the group of 8 countries in which the free APCOA FLOW mobile application is available.

We currently have mobile applications in all of our largest markets: in the UK (since the end of 2017), Germany (since May 2018), Italy, Switzerland, Denmark and Norway (since November 2018), Sweden (since March 2019) and Austria (since July 2019), and as of August we are also available in Poland. Our applications now offer 389 thousand parking spaces in Europe; we have recorded over 300 thousand downloaded applications and 275 thousand new users. A new user is registered every 2 minutes. These are impressive numbers. We all work hard to make sure that APCOA FLOW is a great success, i.e. that all of our users are satisfied with a tailor-made product that meets their expectations and, most importantly, is efficient and user-friendly.

At its most basic level: APCOA FLOW is a mobile application that enables payment for parking in any car park type. APCOA FLOW brings the parking industry into the digital age. The users of each of the several hundred car parks in Poland that are managed by APCOA, after registering in the application, can use it to pay the parking fee but also to find the nearest car park and check the number of available parking spaces and amount of the parking fee. In the future, they will also be able to book parking spaces – or choose the option of guaranteed availability of a specific space. The application will also navigate car park users straight to the car park entrance. The user will also be able to use local discounts, e.g. at the shopping centre, as a loyal customer.

How does it actually work?

The entry control system recognises the car using LPR (licence plate recognition) or QR code and confirms in the cloud that the parking fee can be automatically debited from the user’s credit card. The barrier will lift automatically. Upon exit, the platform will calculate and collect the fee from the credit card and open the barrier. Everything will be done automatically, without having to pull out the smartphone.

The situation will be similar at car parks with parking meters, e.g., at shopping centres. After parking the car, the user runs the APCOA FLOW application on the phone in order to initiate the parking session and pay for the car park or find that, for instance, the first hour of parking is free, which is particularly important when parking at shopping centres.

The Polish parking industry is growing fast, which means that the potential for APCOA FLOW is very high.

People appreciate comfort and value their time. By integrating a network of several hundred conveniently-located APCOA car parks in virtually every major city in Poland with other solutions, such as the applications of shopping and entertainment centres, office buildings, sports facilities, airports, metered parking zones, public transport, railways, car sharing or urban bike, APCOA FLOW will become a platform that integrates multiple parking and mobility functions as part of the so-called smart city solutions. I am deeply convinced that APCOA FLOW will take the Polish parking market by storm and transfer it to the so-called cloud. We are already engaged in talks with potential partners who are interested in the opportunity to offer various types of smart mobility services together with us using our application.

The application is a tailor-made tool that is also suitable for the broadly defined retail industry. What are the benefits to the owners and managers of shopping centres?

APCOA FLOW opens up the possibility of operating a car park with one or more hours of parking for free, implementation of loyalty programmes, discounts on parking depending on the amount spent on shopping, dedicated parking spaces (e.g. wider spaces or spaces located directly opposite the entrance to the shopping centre from the car park) for selected customers and implementation of “shopping night” promotional campaigns combined with free parking for users of the application. APCOA FLOW can be integrated with other external applications, and it supports virtually any parking system. Other evident benefits include the savings on ticket costs and wear of car park equipment because control of access to the car park and fee collection will be done digitally.

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New car parks


Since 17 September 2019, APCOA PARKING has been managing a new car park located in Netto Arena – a multi-functional event and sport facility in Szczecin. The car park offers almost 600 parking spaces for passenger cars and 7 spaces for buses.

Also this year, in August, APCOA PARKING has started to operate a new car park facility at Rzeszów Jasionka Airport. The facility offers two types of parking options: P1 – a short-term parking with 560 spaces and P2 – a long-term parking with 297 parking spaces.

Another two car parks are located next to football stadiums:

The first one is at Stadion Energa in Gdańsk and has been managed by APCOA PARKING since May 2018. The car park is divided into special zones. P1, P4, P5 – for passenger cars, and P2 – which is free of charge with parking spaces marked for the disabled (based on the EU disability card), and P5 – for buses.

The second one, operated by APCOA Parking since August 2019, is the car park located by INEA Stadium in Poznań, with 200 parking spaces available.

Also, since May 2019 APCOA PARKING has been managing Park&Ride parking facilities in Poznań in the following locations: Chwaliszewo, Droga Dębińska, Dolna Wilda I, Dolna Wilda II, Poznańska, Maratońska, Poznań Głogowska – Dworzec Zachodni. In total, the number of parking spaces available to drivers is almost 920.





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2019 will be the year of APCOA FLOW


There is no longer any doubt that today’s golden era of mobile applications has transformed the way we use our smartphones, which have become more functional than ever. It would be hard to imagine living without mobile apps: they have become a staple of life and we use them everywhere and at all times, without giving much thought to the process. So what are the most popular apps among Poles? The answer is those that save us time and money and make our daily life easier. Or in one word: functional.

There is no longer any doubt that today’s golden era of mobile applications has transformed the way we use our smartphones, which have become more functional than ever. It would be hard to imagine living without mobile apps:  they have become a staple of life and we use them everywhere and at all times, without giving much thought to the process. So what are the most popular apps among Poles? The answer is those that save us time and money and make our daily life easier. Or in one word: functional.



As every driver knows only too well, finding a parking space can be quite a challenge. To make the process easier for its customers, APCOA Parking has launched a multi-purpose mobile application called APCOA Flow.

The Polish parking market is going from strength to strength, opening up a lot of untapped potential for APCOA Flow. Poles like digital innovations and appreciate apps with navigation and GPS services that make it easier for them to find not just an APCOA car park, but also restaurants, cafés or cinemas nearby. Applications such as these also allow drivers to check their current whereabouts easily and guide them to their final destination.

People are creatures of comfort and they value their time. By connecting hundreds of conveniently located APCOA car parks in practically every major Polish city with other app services – including for shopping and leisure centres, office buildings, sports facilities, airports, paid parking areas, public transport, railways, car sharing or city bikes – APCOA Flow should become a platform integrating different forms of parking and mobility in the smart city ecosystem.

For APCOA, a car park is more than a place to leave a car. The company wants to give its customers a comprehensive offering that will make parking quicker, easier and more convenient, including the availability of car wash or EV charging services or the ability for customers to make use of their loyalty discounts or enjoy a “shopping night”.

APCOA Flow will move the industry forward into the digital realm. The app’s forte is that its underlying platform allows integration with any kind of external application services (public transport,  shopping malls, etc.) and can be integrated into parking management systems from a lot of vendors.



Patrons at hundreds of APCOA car parks in Poland who have registered their application account will be able to find the nearest car park and check the availability of parking spaces or the prices. They will be able to book a parking space at a discount or choose a guaranteed parking option. The application will also navigate them easily on their route to the selected car park. As part of loyalty programmes, patrons will also be offered local discounts or sales promotions, e.g. in shopping malls. On entry, cars will be recognised using LPR (automatic plate recognition) or RFID technologies and the entry control system will verify whether a parking fee can be charged automatically to the customer’s credit card. The barrier will then open automatically. On exit, the platform will calculate the payment, charge it to the credit card and raise the barrier. Easily, quickly and conveniently.



The same process will be used at car parks with parking meters, e.g. at shopping malls. Once they have parked their car, customers will launch their APCOA Flow smartphone app to start a parking session. When they are done parking, customers will close the session and the system will collect a proper charge based on the time spent parking or it will record time free of charge, e.g. for the first hour parked. Alternatively, the LPR system will recognise a car on entry and exit and transmit the relevant data to the APCOA Flow platform to calculate the amount to be charged against the credit card.

APCOA Flow is flexible enough to be seamlessly integrated with nearly all external applications and it can work with most parking management systems. With digitised access control and fee collection processes, the app also brings savings on ticket costs and equipment wear and tear.

APCOA Flow is currently available at 600 APCOA car parks in Germany. It has been recently rolled out in Italy and is set to be launched in Scandinavia by the end of this year, with its Polish debut planned for 2019. Most importantly, all APCOA Flow users will be able to use the service at each of more than ten thousand APCOA car parks across 13 European countries, including more than 300 locations in Poland. 

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APCOA Parking at SHOPPING CENTER FORUM, 26-27 September, Warsaw


At this year’s SCF, Apcoa Parking unveiled its cutting-edge mobile application, called APCOA Flow, that will move the parking industry forward into the digital realm.

As in previous years, APCOA Parking was present at the Shopping Center Forum, a preeminent trade event that brings together tenants and real estate developers and provides a unique opportunity to talk, negotiate, share experiences and ink leases or other contracts. APCOA Parking’s stand again hosted representatives of Scheidt & Bachmann, a global provider of  payment collection systems. At this year’s SCF, Apcoa Parking unveiled its cutting-edge mobile application, called APCOA Flow, that will move the parking industry forward into the digital realm. Visitors at our stand could test the demo app on a smartphone to see how it will make the parking process easier and smoother.

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CASA starts the construction of P-houses in Frederiksberg


First turn of sod has been taken for the construction of a parking garage and a new public urban space in Frederiksberg. The building is a public private partnership with the municipality.

The time of the residents of Frederiksberg to circulate in the area around Langelands Plads looking for a parking lot will end. At the site, CASA has just begun the excavation of a new, three-story parking garage that seats just over 200 cars.

In order to protect the neighbours as much as possible from noise disturbance, CASA uses a different method for installing the construction rubble. Traditionally, such a project is made by puddling down the ground, a method that is both noisy and that generates vibrations. At Langelands Plads CASA uses the so-called ´diaphragm wall method´. The method is essentially about a wall of reinforced concrete getting slipped into the ground, which reduces both the noise and vibrations.

CASA is a general contractor, while Apcoa will undertake construction operations and maintenance for a total operating period of 25 years. The building will be financed by Frederiksberg Municipality in both the construction and operational phase and is expected to be completed by the start of 2019.

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APCOA Parking took part in the Shopping Center Forum trade fair, as it does every year. This is the most important meeting of tenants and developers, a unique opportunity to conduct negotiations, exchange experiences, views, opinions, and to sign lease agreements. This year visitors to the APCOA Parking stall included also representatives of Scheidt & Bachmann, the global supplier of solutions for collecting parking charges.

The successful cooperation between the producer of parking management systems and the parking management expert commenced 45 years ago in Germany. APCOA Parking offers its contract partners some innovative solutions: from professional life cycle management, maintenance and modernisation, intelligent investment strategies in order to develop innovative parking products and new locations. The latest Scheidt & Bachmann products were presented at the APCOA Parking stall during the SCF –Enterveo systems. The Forum participants had the opportunity of getting to know the model of an automatic parking payment machine, entry and exit terminals.

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APCOA Parking was one of the participants of ECONOMIC FORUM in Krynica


The 27th Economic forum in Krynica Zdrój was held on 5-7 September 2017.

For a dozen years or so, the political, economic and intellectual elites of Central and Eastern Europe have been discussing the future endeavours of the continent. From its very origin, the Forum in Krynica Zdrój has been compared to the World Economic Forum in Davos.

This year, more than 3500 guests discussed the most up-to-date problems of worldwide and national economy, as well as political and social issues.

APCOA Parking was one of the participants of the Economic Forum and the following discussion panels:

“The Future of Automation in Cities” and “Public and Individual Transport”.

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APCOA Parking has been managing the car park under KAPONIERA roundabout in Poznań


Since July of this year, APCOA Parking has been managing the two level car park under KAPONIERA roundabout in Poznań.

Customers can take advantage of 240 parking spaces. The car park features POL CHIP car park system.

The car park is maintenance – free and monitored all day.


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How to solve the problem with parking in the city center


Finding a parking space in a city has for some time been a serious problem for motorists. It is also a serious problem for those who manage streets, car parks and private premises often used for parking.

Help is increasingly coming from the professional organisation and administration of parking and from modern technology. Maciej Zawadzki, CEO of APCOA Parking Polska talks about innovations in parking management and parking systems.

APCOA PARKING POLSKA is currently the largest company in Poland operating in the parking sector. What is behind the success of the company?

The company has been in Poland since 1998 and from the beginning it has set new standards and trends in the Polish parking management market. We manage more than 100 parking facilities throughout the country. It is also worth noting that APCOA PARKING POLSKA is part of the APCOA PARKING group. That's more than 8,700 parking projects in Europe, including 1,300,000 parking spaces managed by the APCOA group.

Where in Poland can your services be found?

Mainly in the parking area of shopping centres and office buildings, but not only. Our company also manages car parks in other facilities such as hotels, hospitals and multiplex cinemas. We also manage all car parks at the Poznan Ławica airport, where we offer more than 2,000 parking spaces for short-term and long-term parking and restricted parking in the "Kiss & Fly” area.

It is not only large facilities that use your services?

That’s right. In addition to major projects, such as managing the multi-storey car park in the Warsaw Financial Center and car parks in more than 20 shopping centres in Poland, we have experience in managing private streets and car parks. An example is Leszczyńska Street in Warsaw or the Platinum Towers car park on Grzybowska Street in Warsaw. We also manage the car parks at chain stores and supermarkets. Tesco, Carrefour, Biedronka and Netto in Poland take advantage of our experience throughout Poland. The main objective is to help solve the problem of “wild parking”. With the introduction of a professional parking system, we have more parking spaces. Drivers also appreciate the fact that despite having to pay there are always places to park.

So we can say that proper parking management should be of interest to those who own land in the most crowded places?

The needs of customers in each car park are determined by the immediate surroundings. At supermarkets, customers usually leave their cars for a few minutes, while in residential or working areas they leave them for a few hours. Parking spaces are organised by local authorities, housing associations and resident communities, often as public benefit organisations. The relevant regulations and management of parking on private roads or car parks aim to serve a wide range of users.

We focus on "parking products" that meet the individual needs of different customer groups: people parking incidentally, businesses, residents of estates with parking, visitors, customers of businesses, families, travellers, etc. Therefore, we monitor trends and conduct market research on a regular basis, so as to continually improve our products. Cutting-edge technology, optimised processes and continuous improvements help minimise costs. In this way, APCOA PARKING ensures the profitability of each car park and the full satisfaction of the owner.

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License Plate Recognition Module at car park in WFC in Warsaw


In December 2016 , APCOA PARKING installed a modern and capable License Plate Recognition - LPR module at the multilevel car park in WFC building in Warsaw.

It allows for control of access of subscription clients based on verification by means of a proximity card as well as on the basis of vehicle registration number.

Thanks to technically advanced configuration, the users enjoy such facilities in terms of the use of the system as for example automatic opening of the barrier after recognition of the registration number without the need to use the proximity car, possibility to pay by means of payment card in automatic pay stations (contact and proximity transactions up to PLN 50.00). The system has also been integrated with the system of control of access to the building, thanks to which:

  • The subscription users may use the same access card for parking and for office space,
  • The occasional users (on the basis of one-off tickets) may move within the car park and exit from the car park through the gates in the building hall by means of a one-off ticket of the parking system with a bar code.

The driveway to the car park has obtained a large illuminated information board, inter alia with information on the services available on the car park as well as on the number of available parking spots for occasional clients, guests of the lessees, etc. The new system allows also for implementation of a number of convenient products, such as e.g. parking cheques, validations, congress tickets, pre-paid tickets, etc.

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Car Parks at Ławica Airport have been equipped by APCOA PARKING in a modern LPR system


From October this year, car parks at  Ławica Airport in Poznań have been equipped by APCOA PARKING in a modern and comprehensive License Plate Recognition System (LPR). Moreover, readers for scanning QR (Quick Response) codes on paper media and smartphone monitors have been installed in entry and exit devices. 

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License Plate Recognition System at car park in Rondo 1


In September of this year, APCOA PARKING installed a modern and capable license plate recognition (LPR) system at the multi-level car park locate in Warsaw’s Rondo 1 building.  

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APCOA Parking has been managing the car park in FOCUS PARK RYBNIK


Since October of this year, APCOA Parking has been managing the car park by FOCUS PARK shopping centre in Rybnik.


Customers can take advantage of 320 parking spaces. The car park features the SKIDATA car park system, which is serviced exclusively by APCOA Parking qualified, in-house technical team.

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Car park at a shopping centre


Every driver knows the importance of a car park. Increasingly more often shopping centre, hotel and office building owners are paying a lot of attention to the choice of car park infrastructure as well as professional car park arrangements and service already at an early stage of the investment process.


Every driver knows the importance of a car park. Increasingly more often shopping centre, hotel and office building owners are paying a lot of attention to the choice of car park infrastructure as well as professional car park arrangements and service already at an early stage of the investment process.

A car park is more than just a space where we can leave our vehicles. It is also a management model, which, together with modern technology improves the car parking and fee collection process, which constitutes a significant item in a shopping centre's revenue structure.

Maciej Zawadzki, President of the Management Board at APCOAPARKING Polska talks about what’s new on the car park system and car park management scenes.

Today, APCOA PARKING is the biggest player on the car park market in Poland as well as Europe.What lies behind the company’s success?

Our company has been present in Europe since 1974, we operate in 12 countries and manage in excess of 8,500 car parks, including almost 400 shopping centre car parks. Our annual revenues exceed 850 million euros. APCOA PARKING has been active in Poland since 1998, setting out standards and development directions on the domestic car park management market. Currently we manage more than 70 car parks. We furnish them with state of the art hardware from renowned international producers, which, combined with the international experience of our team, ensures efficiency and a top quality service. For every car park we manage, we work out a concept for the best traffic setup, hardware and management choices, including an optimal tariff structure, taking onto account both the specifics of the given location and customer expectations. The quality and efficiency of the services we provide are the driving force behind our company's 20 - 30% annual growth recorded in recent years. 

What new locations use your services?

Amongst others, this year we signed a long term management contract for a multi level Warsaw Financial Center car park. This is one of the most prestigious office towers in downtown Warsaw, with 333 car park spaces. At the same time, we also manage car parks in other towers which comprise an ultra-modern office centre in central Warsaw, i.e. by Rondo1, Marriott Hotel, Spektrum Tower and the nearby Atrium International office buildings. This year newcomers to the portfolio of our projects also include further city car parks as well as retail locations across the entire country, at chains such as Tesco, Netto and Biedronka. In total we currently manage car parks at more than 20 retail locations in Poland.

However, APCOA is not only involved with car parks by retail and office locations?

Certainly. Our company also manages car parks by other locations such as hotels, hospitals, airports, city car parks, cinemas, sports and recreational facilities. We devise an individual strategy for each one, which also includes retail opportunities to maximise the profitability of a given car park.

What technical solutions and cutting edge technologies are we looking at across the car parks you manage?

APCOA Group experts regularly analyse the European car park systems market. Every few years we select a few manufacturers who, in our opinion, provide top quality as well as reliable and technologically advanced car park equipment. We currently use systems by Designa, Parkeon and Skidata. Our significant European purchasing power translates into sizeable discounts which, as a rule, we pass onto our customers. We use car park systems based on solutions which employ barriers as well as maintenance free parking meters. Every equipment category is dedicated to a different type of location. The current standard emerging amongst modern technologies are LED systems which indicate free parking spaces to drivers, or the possibility to pay using proximity bank cards at automatic payment machines and parking meters. We are currently working on introducing new, alternative forms of payment which will be even more convenient for drivers. An increasing number of car park owners are looking at car park system digitalisation. Then we reach for vehicle registration plate recognition systems, systems based on QR codes or advanced car park spaces reservation systems.

Thank you for the interview!

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New car parks next to “Galeria Wybickiego” in Kościerzyna and “Galeria Familia” in Gdańsk


New car parks in Gdańsk.

From April this year, APCOA PARKING has been operating the car park of  “Galeria Wybickiego” Shopping Centre in Kościerzyna and the car park of  “Familia” Shopping Centre in Gdańsk. 

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APCOA Parking signed a ten year contract for the management of a multi- storey car park at the Warsaw Financial Center in Warsaw


APCOA Parking signed a ten year contract for the management of a multi- storey car park at the Warsaw Financial Center in Warsaw.

In March this year APCOA Parking signed a ten year contract for the management of a 380 spaces, multi-storey car park at the Warsaw Financial Center office complex, one of the most prestigious high risers in the capital, located in Warsaw’s Central Business District. APCOA Parking will also operate a car wash facility at this venue. In 2016 the car park will undergo a thorough modernisation and will be equipped with a new DESIGNA car parking system. APCOA Parking has been working with major investors, landlords and public institutions across the width and breadth of the country for years. These include prestigious high risers, shopping malls, airports, hotels, municipal parks and hospitals.

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All our car parks remain open for our customers! Contactless access and automated electronic payments are granted in most of our locations through our free app APCOA FLOW – no need to pull a ticket or to pay cash at the payment machine.