CASA starts the construction of P-houses in Frederiksberg


First turn of sod has been taken for the construction of a parking garage and a new public urban space in Frederiksberg. The building is a public private partnership with the municipality.

The time of the residents of Frederiksberg to circulate in the area around Langelands Plads looking for a parking lot will end. At the site, CASA has just begun the excavation of a new, three-story parking garage that seats just over 200 cars.

In order to protect the neighbours as much as possible from noise disturbance, CASA uses a different method for installing the construction rubble. Traditionally, such a project is made by puddling down the ground, a method that is both noisy and that generates vibrations. At Langelands Plads CASA uses the so-called ´diaphragm wall method´. The method is essentially about a wall of reinforced concrete getting slipped into the ground, which reduces both the noise and vibrations.

CASA is a general contractor, while Apcoa will undertake construction operations and maintenance for a total operating period of 25 years. The building will be financed by Frederiksberg Municipality in both the construction and operational phase and is expected to be completed by the start of 2019.

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