How to solve the problem with parking in the city center


Finding a parking space in a city has for some time been a serious problem for motorists. It is also a serious problem for those who manage streets, car parks and private premises often used for parking.

Help is increasingly coming from the professional organisation and administration of parking and from modern technology. Maciej Zawadzki, CEO of APCOA Parking Polska talks about innovations in parking management and parking systems.

APCOA PARKING POLSKA is currently the largest company in Poland operating in the parking sector. What is behind the success of the company?

The company has been in Poland since 1998 and from the beginning it has set new standards and trends in the Polish parking management market. We manage more than 100 parking facilities throughout the country. It is also worth noting that APCOA PARKING POLSKA is part of the APCOA PARKING group. That's more than 8,700 parking projects in Europe, including 1,300,000 parking spaces managed by the APCOA group.

Where in Poland can your services be found?

Mainly in the parking area of shopping centres and office buildings, but not only. Our company also manages car parks in other facilities such as hotels, hospitals and multiplex cinemas. We also manage all car parks at the Poznan Ławica airport, where we offer more than 2,000 parking spaces for short-term and long-term parking and restricted parking in the "Kiss & Fly” area.

It is not only large facilities that use your services?

That’s right. In addition to major projects, such as managing the multi-storey car park in the Warsaw Financial Center and car parks in more than 20 shopping centres in Poland, we have experience in managing private streets and car parks. An example is Leszczyńska Street in Warsaw or the Platinum Towers car park on Grzybowska Street in Warsaw. We also manage the car parks at chain stores and supermarkets. Tesco, Carrefour, Biedronka and Netto in Poland take advantage of our experience throughout Poland. The main objective is to help solve the problem of “wild parking”. With the introduction of a professional parking system, we have more parking spaces. Drivers also appreciate the fact that despite having to pay there are always places to park.

So we can say that proper parking management should be of interest to those who own land in the most crowded places?

The needs of customers in each car park are determined by the immediate surroundings. At supermarkets, customers usually leave their cars for a few minutes, while in residential or working areas they leave them for a few hours. Parking spaces are organised by local authorities, housing associations and resident communities, often as public benefit organisations. The relevant regulations and management of parking on private roads or car parks aim to serve a wide range of users.

We focus on "parking products" that meet the individual needs of different customer groups: people parking incidentally, businesses, residents of estates with parking, visitors, customers of businesses, families, travellers, etc. Therefore, we monitor trends and conduct market research on a regular basis, so as to continually improve our products. Cutting-edge technology, optimised processes and continuous improvements help minimise costs. In this way, APCOA PARKING ensures the profitability of each car park and the full satisfaction of the owner.


All our car parks remain open for our customers! Contactless access and automated electronic payments are granted in most of our locations through our free app APCOA FLOW – no need to pull a ticket or to pay cash at the payment machine.