License Plate Recognition Module at car park in WFC in Warsaw


In December 2016 , APCOA PARKING installed a modern and capable License Plate Recognition - LPR module at the multilevel car park in WFC building in Warsaw.

It allows for control of access of subscription clients based on verification by means of a proximity card as well as on the basis of vehicle registration number.

Thanks to technically advanced configuration, the users enjoy such facilities in terms of the use of the system as for example automatic opening of the barrier after recognition of the registration number without the need to use the proximity car, possibility to pay by means of payment card in automatic pay stations (contact and proximity transactions up to PLN 50.00). The system has also been integrated with the system of control of access to the building, thanks to which:

  • The subscription users may use the same access card for parking and for office space,
  • The occasional users (on the basis of one-off tickets) may move within the car park and exit from the car park through the gates in the building hall by means of a one-off ticket of the parking system with a bar code.

The driveway to the car park has obtained a large illuminated information board, inter alia with information on the services available on the car park as well as on the number of available parking spots for occasional clients, guests of the lessees, etc. The new system allows also for implementation of a number of convenient products, such as e.g. parking cheques, validations, congress tickets, pre-paid tickets, etc.

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All our car parks remain open for our customers! Contactless access and automated electronic payments are granted in most of our locations through our free app APCOA FLOW – no need to pull a ticket or to pay cash at the payment machine.